Note: The KB8OJH BBS is down indefinitely. Between a near-total lack of local interest in packet and the need to free up some space in the shack for other reasons, I gave up the ghost after many years of maintaining an unused BBS. I may bring it up again in the future if the situation changes. This information is here for historical purposes only.

Local packet is now on 145.530 MHz, and the St. Joseph County RACES does maintain a digipeater on that frequency.

If you are in north central Indiana, I run a JNOS BBS which is reachable on 145.030. The station consists of:

If you would like to set up an AX.25 over UDP link to between your packet system and the KB8OJH BBS, please contact me using the link below.

The available services are currently:

Full-featured bulletin board
Net/ROM node