Ethan Blanton

Contact Information

PGP Keys: 771F C72B, A1A8 AD0E, policy

Current Activities and Research Interests

I have a consulting company, , which provides consulting services on computer science topics.

I am a Teaching Assistant Professor at in the . I currently teach or am scheduled to teach a Freshman Seminar on Computer Science and Engineering, Distributed Systems, and Systems Programming.

My research interests are diverse, and lie in the following areas: virtual machines, real-time systems, memory management, transport protocols, and network measurement.

I currently serve on the Expert Group for JSR 282, an update to the Real-Time Specification for Java.


I have published a number of academic papers as well as standards documents.

Past Activities and Research

I hold a Ph.D. from from the . I graduated under . My dissertation title was Controlling the Cost and Increasing the Utility of Network Measurement Infrastructures, and dealt with admission control, replacement of direct measurements by inference, and vantage point selection in the context of infrastructure-based measurements.

I did my undergraduate at in Athens, Ohio. I graduated from the with a degree in Computer Science. My tutorial advisor was .

Software on

Other Interests

I maintain a set of sporadically-updated pages on ham radio and other, similar topics.

I have an equally sporadically-updated blog on other topics.

I sometimes put out YouTube videos about ham radio, Teletypes, retrocomputing, and other stuff I'm interested in.

I frequent the Retro Computing Forum.

You can find me on Mastodon.