SoftRock RxTx v6.3 Standalone Transceiver

This page details the build of a SoftRock RxTx v6.3 kit assembled as a standalone QRP transceiver. The kit came from Tony Parks, KB9YIG, and I can't say enough good about it. It's a joy to build, straightforward to troubleshoot and understand, and the receive performance is fantastic. (I can't speak to transmit yet, I've some work left to do on that!)

This build is in a standalone Radio Shack project box with nothing but a power jack, antenna and audio connectors, and DB-9 for I2C communication with the Si570 programmable oscillator. I have plans to build a power amp and band switching board for this radio, but that will have to be in a larger box. ;-) I have only a 40/80m transmitter board at the moment, although I have receive band pass filters for 80-10m inclusive, making this a nearly continuous-coverage receiver with a little bit of plugging about with filter boards.

For more general information on software-defined radios and some help getting SDR going in Linux, see my SDR pages.

Build images

back quartering
jacks board

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